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C4 4/21

7 minutes of work at each station 2 minutes of rest/transition.


14 reps total of each exercise AMRAP

1) Foot switch + Curtsey lunge - with a light set of dumbbells hop to tape and quickly switch your feet and land in a curtsey lunge on the opposite foot. Helps with quick precise foot switches when climbing while strengthening lower body! (14 total reps, 7 each leg)

2) Air squat - no weight dropping hips slightly below knee level, squeeze glutes as you stand up!

3) Renegade row - feet wide moderately heavy weights ( I am using 20lb dumbbells here ) Drive elbow straight back (like a tricep kickback) control the lower. (14 total reps, 7 each arm)

Cardio: Partner work

Row 500m while partner runs high knees down the aisle, and butt kickers back up!


Core: 14 reps of each exercise AMRAP

1) Resistance sit ups + isometric pulls - Reach ba