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Pacific Appliances Best Buy

I bought a brand new fridge from pacific sales in Rancho Mirage, Ca. The sales person was great, very nice and helpful. When I got the fridge was totally dead. Would not work. When I called I was told I have to wait 24 hours for it to cool down. After 24 hours it was still at 90 degrees. I called again and I was told they can do nothing till I get a service person to look at it. The next day I got the service person who found that there was a major problem with the fridge. The thing that when I tried to call the store manager he would not call me back. They would put me on hold forever and cut me off. They refused to give me the district manager phone number.

pacific appliances best buy

After being on hold on purpose forever and being hung up on few times I was furious. I was going to ask for an exchange but now I want nothing to do with them. I will never buy anything from pacific sales. Now I have spoiled food and a dead fridge. Finally called their 800 # which connected me to the sales person to help me. Now the fridge is going back. I had no apology, nobody offered to reimburse me for all the spoiled food, or for the delivery charges.

My wife and I purchased a new washing machine from pacific kitchen & homes. They delivered the first washing machine within a few days of purchase, and when washing machine was delivered the delivery personnel damaged the threads of the washing machine water inlet connections by cross threading the water line. I called and reported that the washer was damaged, and was required to wait a week before they could deliver a new washing machine. I got the new washing machine and wouldn't you know, it doesn't work. I called and reported this issue and all they could do is tell me that I had to wait an additional week for a repair person to show up and attempt to repair.

I am furious, as this is the worst customer service that I have ever received by a retailer. I have told them to come get their washer out of here so I can go to a reputable retailer and purchase a machine that will work and be installed correctly the first time. I do not recommend anyone to purchase an appliance from pacific kitchen & homes, as their equipment is dreadful as well as their delivery service, and to add insult to injury, they won't come get this washing machine out of here until four more days, leaving me and my wife without a washing machine for over two weeks.

New stock SHOULD be in their Los Angeles warehouse in two weeks...SHOULD. The manager is out of state in "training" and no information is to be provided for anyone over store level. The direct quote when I asked for that information is, "I can't give that out." Now, I have a kitchen ready for appliances and, even after providing my money months in advance and giving them more than two months to secure all the requested items, I MAY have a major component of my kitchen in two weeks? And, it is "not permitted" to be given the contact information for someone with more authority than a store employee?

I purchased several appliances at Pacific Sales. The salesperson was helpful in store, however never offered extended warranty coverage and due to the store closing in ten minutes I didn't realize it. The delivery was the next day by two guys in a truck that in no way indicated they were delivery people. They unloaded the appliances and were planning to leave them in the garage, they did not plan to install the refrigerator or washer/dryer. They were very inconvenienced to have to be bothered, the men even stated they would rather be somewhere else. The men couldn't get the appliances in the house, they tried three doors. Eventually they got it in my front door. They completely shoved all my furniture and belongings aside in three rooms and removed my front door from the hinges. I had to come several miles back home to make sure they installed the appliances and took the old ones away with them.

The men planned on leaving the old appliance`s sitting in my house. The washer and dryer were run for more than an hour empty, no explanation was given as to how to use any of the appliances. I have now noticed that my refrigerator has scratches on the handle from the delivery. I was left with black floors, trash left in my laundry room and trash left in the street. Two of the appliances required an outside installer to come. After hearing nothing for four days I called customer service and they told me to call the store. The store couldn't find the order, saw no record of a request for installation even though I paid several hundred extra for the installations. Someone finally came to install the two appliances. When someone finally set up an appointment I was told what I needed to have here for the installations, at that time I realized the delivery men didn't leave some of the parts I had paid for and needed for the installation of the microwave.

When the installer opened the box for the dishwasher we saw that it had a huge dent in it and couldn't be installed. A week later I am still waiting for the replacement dishwasher and a new appointment for the installation. This is ridiculous and unbelievable for a company to have such bad delivery service and so few installers. You get the runaround calling customer service and then being told to call the store. Lots of waiting on hold and no results. No care taken by the delivery people for my appliances or my house. Scratched, dented appliances and missing parts. No offer of any type of compensation or fast delivery for damage or inconvenience. I will rethink buying from Pacific Sales again.

Several years ago 2005, my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen. We went to Pacific Sales and bought a micro, refrigerator, stove top, oven, and a dishwasher. They were all KitchenAid, and were very expensive. As this was happening my husband came down with terminal cancer. Several years later I noticed that at least one of the appliances was built TWO YEARS BEFORE it was sold to us!!! This is a heads-up to everyone who is buying appliances. They maybe out of warranty even before you buy them!!

I spoke with ** about a washer and dryer. I have seen on the website. He found them on the computer. For me ordered them right up. He knew absolutely which ones I was talking about. He got me a great price, and all of the accessories that I would need. He's a great salesmen. Definitely recommend talking to ** to purchase your next appliances. Thanks a lot **.

I requested a refund and my old microwave put back in so I didn't have a gaping hole in my kitchen. The old microwave was put back with a big scratch on it. I was told the refund would not be available to credit back to my card until the next day. This was a $689 transaction, the installer took the new microwave that didn't work with him but Best Buy would not credit my card without me going to the store the next day. I wanted to go to Harper's and get a new microwave today. With purchase, we got a lovely letter from General Manager, Jermaine ** "If there was anything that wasn't up to your expectations I would appreciate the opportunity to make it right for you." He was off today with no back-up. Best Buy Store General Sales Manager, John ** provided above unsatisfactory solutions and would not provide contact information for anyone above himself other than general customer service number for Best Buy. Clearly their goal "to ensure that you received the best customer experience in MD" is not one they can support.

After years of thinking about getting new appliances we settled on a Frigidaire Gallery 4 piece package from Pacific Kitchen & home. We thought it met our needs for being counter depth, SS smudge proof, and fair pricing. Pacific offered Free install and haul away which sold me. The purchase went fine and the delivery was scheduled, actually 2 separate deliveries by 2 different install teams. The first team could not install the Fridge or range installed because of bad valves, gas and water that had to be replaced before the install. My problem not theirs. So we got Dishwasher and OTCR range installed that first time. Noticed that fridge has surface defect, called replacement and made new appointment. Then the dishwasher started turning on by itself. Noticed that the switch was being contacted by screw when you closed the door. Called to update the service ticket.

When the installers arrive to replace the fridge they had no info about the dishwasher and only replaced the damaged door. They said someone would call to re-schedule the dishwasher but no one did! Made a third appointment for the following week and in the meantime returned the unused install kits from range and fridge. Took an hour to return because the sales person couldn't figure out the correct amount to credit us. It was right on the sales slip but they just didn't get it. As I wait again for the service team, I think about the 12 hours of waiting it's taken to get this done. They give you a 4 hr window to wait and always seem to show up in the last 15"! I wish I had kept my old appliances instead of letting them take them away.

I ordered a refrigerator from pacific sales in the best buy store. Told it would be two to four weeks. I was OK with that. After calling every week to get a update, they finally told me it was discontinued!!! I can't get a answer from anyone. Trying to sell me something online which I cannot see. AND they charged my credit. Have not credit me back and still the nightmare goes on!! I have called everyday, sent e-mails and still no answers. I spent about 5,000 bucks with this place and this is what I get in return?? I am not letting up. I will shut this place down. Sounds kinda like a fly by night industry if they are operating off of Best Buys coattails you know.

I purchased a dishwasher the end of Sept. After about a month the dishwasher was turning itself off during cycles. Then there was water spurting out of the door. I contacted the phone # given to me on the invoice. I cannot say enough bad things about the rep I spoke to on the phone. I requested to talk to a manager and was transferred to "the manager." Who was equally obnoxious. The geek squad repairman was outstanding but about a week after the repair I had the same problem. I again called the number given and got an equally rude and obnoxious person when I asked for a manager I was told there was none. When I insisted he referred me to "the manager who when asked stated she was an agent not a manager. My dishwasher is broken again I am unable to get hold of anyone in pacific sales. This is the worst experience I have ever had and would warn everyone I know go to another store. 041b061a72


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