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Serial Pluraleyes 3

PluralEyes 3 for the Mac, the first standalone version of the product, combines elements from DualEyes to give the synching software support of a much broader selection of camera file formats, including DSLR. It also introduces a new timeline-based view. Following Red Giant's partnership with Singular Software, the development team integrated features from DualEyes to give users access to a more robust package in one version with a single, convenient serial number.

Serial Pluraleyes 3

PluralEyes serial number automates audio/video synchronization in seconds rather than days, giving videographers and filmmakers edit-ready photos except for clappers or time code. Its new interface and quicker workflow revolutionize the post-production process for faster setup with less gear, and larger manipulate and confidence in the sync.

PluralEyes serial number uses either the audio and video or audio component of clips to put multiple clips in perfect sync. It can repair audio glide throughout clips, and it can work directly internal of Premiere Pro so you by no means have to leave to get your documents synced up.

We have already provided you a list of basic keys of PluralEyes serial number to make your processing task easy to perform. In case any of your serial numbers does not work, just leave a message below with your email address. We will reach back to you with some new and advanced serial numbers list of PluralEyes.

PluralEyes moreover features quality control tools for testing your syncs and tweaking them if you find deviations. PluralEyes 3 is a standalone application with its own timeline that it exports to any NLE. Your purchase provides you with an activation card featuring a serial number and instructions for downloading PluralEyes. Included with your download of PluralEyes 3 is PluralEyes 2 and Dual Eyes. Some features of Dual Eyes are natively integrated into PluralEyes 3 and enable PluralEyes 3 to export its timeline directly to Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Sony Vegas.


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